Saturday photos


Georgie and his cousin enjoy a Ritter Sport bar after a long day’s work.


Mr. Maier places the last shingle on the roof to conclude the day’s work.


As the shingles go up, the house really begins to look finished even though there is more work to do.


Being the oldest students has its benefits! Caleb and Will enjoy the view from the peak of the house.


Caleb lines up a nail as the walls are attached to the exterior frame.


Jessica tries to hide from the camera.


A view of our little house in the valley.


Our supervisor Ionut gives our work a big “thumbs up!” (I hope we spelled his name correctly)


Two great smiles. Tim has made a lot of friends on this trip.


The north side of the house gets some attention; the last of the styrofoam insulation and the first few shingles.


Jessica, Sarah and Carina take a break to strike a pose for the camera.


Barbara gives an interview for a local TV station as Ms. Akers awaits her turn.


Patrick shows off his construction skills, his cool shades and Saturday’s beautiful blue sky.


5 responses to “Saturday photos”

  1. Helen Taylor says :

    🙂 🙂 🙂 What a great job you all are doing – so proud of you! Great picture of Timothy with the Grandma! 🙂

  2. Anisja Herrchen says :

    Wow looks like the house is soon finished! Great!!! 😀

  3. Sweet Callings says :

    this is so amazing! WELL DONE ALL…. love the updates! Praying for everyone 🙂

  4. Mirjam Schotanus says :

    Wow wieder solche tollen Bilder! Es sieht ja super aus! 😀

    Enjoy sightseeing and time together today!

    Knuffel voor jou Lo ❤

  5. Andrea Rihm says :

    What a big challenge you manage so successfully. You have every reason to be pround of yourselves. All of you!!!

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