A Successful Day

Priscilla helps connect two of the beams for a truss.

Priscilla helps connect two of the beams for a truss.

by Priscilla Martin (written on March 21)

Our first day of work was amazing. Our morning started off by driving to the work site which was about a 15 minutes from the hotel. The sky was dark and gloomy but the temperature was not to cold. We met all of the site mangers and the family we’re building the house for and once they explained the rules we were ready to begin working. When lunch time came we had finished the a-frames for the roof and the frame for the doors and walls. Most of us were really hungry and tired of working so we left for lunch at this small restaurant about 10 minutes from the work site. Lunch was good and filling and when we were done everybody was energized and ready to keep building. Now was the time for the walls to go up which was really exciting. When we got the first walls up we continued and soon all of the walls were up! It was amazing to see the progress of the house and how far we had gotten.

Its crazy to think that yesterday all of us we’re in school waiting for spring break to come and now we’re done with all of the walls and the frame of the roof of a house. We finished working around 5:30 and headed back to the hotel just as the rain started to fall. The first day of building this house and seeing the joy on the family’s face as the walls went up was awesome and something I will definitely remember. This was a successful day of building and bringing hope to those in need of it.


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3 responses to “A Successful Day”

  1. Anisja Herrchen says :

    I’m so happy, you are all so successful with this great project! Do your best, Priscilla! 😉

  2. Helen Taylor says :

    Thanks Priscilla for the update! We’re so happy for you all and we’re back home praying for you! Happy building! 🙂

  3. Annette says :

    Hi Cynthia, danke für deine SMS mit der Blog-Adresse. Hab grad mal reingeschaut. Hatte vorher wenig Zeit – ich bau ja selbst ein Häusle, wie du weißt. Ich finde eure Aktion echt klasse. Hoffe, es ist bei euch nicht a…kalt. Wann kommt ihr wieder zurück?
    Liebe Grüße und Happy Easter!

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