Darf ich ihnen helfen?

H4H-Deutschland…or “May I help you?” One simple question can make a difference.
by Jonathan Griesse

I think I said that about 1,000 times on Saturday during our final fundraising event at Hieber’s Frische Center in Kandern. Thanks to the generosity of our local community we raised over 1,000 euros, but I think something very important also happened. We were able to help others.

Yes, I know. Most people did not need help packing their groceries, but several people really did appreciate the help. Sometimes when I am at the store wrestling with my two-year-old son, trying to juggle my money and car keys, and catch all the food as it comes across the scanner, I wish someone was there to help! I’d happily give them ten euros for their assistance!

After our event was over, I thought about our German community, the area in Romania where we are going, and some of the poorest places on the planet… Darf ich ihnen helfen?… May I help you? How different would our neighborhood be if we regularly asked that same question? What would the rest of the continent and the entire world be like if we all thought about that question each day? I honestly think there would be a big difference.

Maybe that change can be made by this young generation. Perhaps some of these same students from AMS and BFA will change the world one day! We can begin by making a big difference in our corner of German and in Oradea/Beius Romania. We do not have to wait for a big event or a special trip or large group of volunteers. You and I can start tomorrow with one little question. Darf ich ihnen helfen?


One response to “Darf ich ihnen helfen?”

  1. hans says :

    That’s it. You just summed up the last three years of my time at BFA! Darf ich IHNEN helfen? Love your neighbor! Keep preaching the gospel.

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